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No stranger to globetrotting, by age 20, Caroline Dalal had already lived on

two continents, in five countries and, seven cities. It was her travels and

exposure to a plethora of political and social structures that inspired Caroline to pursue journalism.


Fast forward to the present day, Dalal, resides in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. life has been quite the rollercoaster ride for this former journalist. 


These days you will find Caroline ensconced in her la home office, busy working on Flowz. Caroline’s professional journey up to this juncture from journalist to entrepreneur has been awe-inspiring. 


Rewind to 1994, Toronto got its first glimpse of Caroline when she kicked off her career as a journalist at Omni’s multicultural channel. It did not take long for Dalal to be promoted to become the youngest anchor and producer at Omni Television.  


Caroline reminisces, “Memories of my time at Omni are priceless. We covered the most cutting edge stories in the South Asian community. South Asian Newsweek was always the first to break those stories. We covered it all, from domestic abuse, immigration issues, South Asian politics to features on up and coming personalities, like, Russell Peters. I remember when Russell Peters was starting out and we interviewed him at our studios. It was very apparent that he was going to be a huge success from the get-go.” 


Following Omni, Caroline was hired at one of North America’s largest newsrooms, CTV Toronto. Breaking barriers again, Caroline was the first female journalist of South Asian descent in the newsroom. 


“Working in news was not a job, it was my passion. To this day I carry those skills with me and apply them to my personal and professional spheres. Each day was a unique experience. You never knew what you were going to cover and you literally got a front-row seat to all aspects of life: tragedy, comedy, success,  failure, and the rise and fall of society’s most powerful. It was quite possibly the peak of traditional journalism minus the onslaught of technology.” 


After fifteen years in TV News, Caroline pursued her passion for all things business. “Renewal perpetually leads to progress. So when it came to choosing career paths, my zeal had to coincide with future trends, and the only way I could follow this journey was to enter the business domain. Having interviewed a myriad of entrepreneurs from the local corner store owner to  Bill Gates, I was consistently inspired.”  


Caroline started her own digital marketing agency specializing in real estate. Almost immediately,  Caroline landed an impressive roster of clients including some of Canada’s largest builders such as Tridel, Empire Communities, and Camrost Felcorp among others. As a result of Caroline’s pioneering campaigns, over five hundred million dollars of real estate was sold. This trailblazer’s efforts did not go unnoticed, Caroline was yet again setting groundbreaking records. It was the first time in the building industry that an agency owned by a South Asian woman had won numerous marketing awards. In fact, Caroline was the first to introduce public relations campaigns into the building industry.  So for the first time In 2008, Toronto’s building industry land and development association added a PR outreach award category to their awards roster. Caroline’s team took home the award that year. 


“My experience in the building industry was definitely a monumental teaching moment.” Caroline has since been involved in the building of two homes in Los Angeles. from obtaining permits to working with the architects to interior design, Caroline has been very hands-on. 


“Building a concrete structure versus creating a software platform, may require  two very different configurations, but you can still draw strategic parallels.” 


These days you will find Caroline busy working remotely with her team to configure Flowz. The software and services provider is the first subscription-based platform to provide managed back-office services,  including bookkeeping, call center services, and video editing to name a few. Caroline’s role in the platform’s launch is integral to marketing and business development. “This phenomenal platform gives small to mid-size businesses equal access to big company resources for a fraction of the cost. The idea for Flowz was born out of the current revolutionary changes in the workforce. Subsequently, the full-time job is becoming more and more redundant, making way for a gig economy where everyone has to operate as an entrepreneur. Technology has pretty much broken down bureaucratic barriers and enabled all-out access without the price of overhead. ” 

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